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May 2, 2021

Is the stress of trying to help a struggling loved one dealing with addiction and mental health conditions weighing on you?  As a coach, when I start working with clients, one of the first things we look at is getting education about substance abuse and/or mental health conditions.

I teach a course called "The 12 Principles of Being a Loving Mirror (BALM) " that helps families learn about addiction, how to help themselves and their loved ones who struggle from substance use disorder.  The class is transformative and will help you become calm, learn about your role as a family member,  practice self care, set boundaries and communicate with your loved one in an effective way.  The BALM Method of family recovery transforms families and helps to bring about peace, more open and healthy communication, and it ends the chaos.

Here's what my clients have said about taking the class:

"Beth provided education regarding her experiences. Beth provided a great deal of encouragement, guidance and support, bringing hope and positivity to my family situation."


"Beth really helped me learn what is and what is NOT my responsibility with regard to my loved one. The other thing the class has done for our family is that it actually allowed us to discuss the situation and give words to it as opposed to being frustrated, hurt and confused by it all.  We started a true dialogue that has only been present in the past with certain family members."


To learn more about how  "The 12 Principles of Being a Loving Mirror" class can help you and your family email Beth at [email protected]  

When your loved also is suffering from a mental health condition, I always recommend that my clients go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) at  By going to this website you can learn about the specific classes that your local NAMI chapter offers in  your state.  When your loved one is an adult, I recommend the Family-to-Family class, and when your loved one is under the age of 18,  the Basics class.  By attending the class, you will become more educated about mental health conditions, and improve your communication with your loved one.  Most of NAMI's classes are offered virtually, so it makes it much for convenient to attend a class.  You can contact NAMI at 800-950-6264 for more information.