Coaching, educating and supporting  families who have an adolescent or adult child child struggling with an addiction and/or a mental health condition.


Get the support you need for you and your child

"Beth has coached me and my husband for over a year working towards the recovery of our two daughters.  Her compassion, knowledge, specialized training and personal experience have guided us through much pain and crisis.  Through the process of working with Beth, we have found healing for ourselves along the way."


Do you have an adolescent or young adult child struggling with a substance use disorder and/or a mental health condition?  It's a challenging journey and often parents put the entire focus on getting help for their child, and they don't get help for themselves.  

I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified  Life Coach specializing in recovery, and from my training and my experience with a family member, there is a hopeful and healing way through this journey. 

Initially, it's hard to come to grips that this is happening to your child, and it's not something that you feel comfortable sharing with others.  As you deal with the chaos and do your best to bring order to the situation on your own, you're finding it's not working.

If only you had someone to guide you while you make choices on how you want to to navigate the journey with your child, life would feel more hopeful and less overwhelming -- that's when a coach comes in.  As your coach, I guide and you decide.

You bring what's on your heart to our sessions and most important, I listen to you.  We collaborate as I reflect back to you what you are telling me and through our coaching, you are able to get more clear on how you want to move forward-- and that may include what you need to do to get calm, how to communicate in a more healthy way to your child, how to create your own support network, how to locate resources for  you and your child, and how to create a self-care practice.

You don't have to be alone.  Get the support you need in this challenging journey.  Learn more by contacting Beth at 815-814-2104 or [email protected]

My coaching services include:

  • Individual and family coaching
  • Coaching parents with a child living at home
  • Coaching parents with a child in residential treatment
  • Coaching parents when a child returns home from treatment
  • Helping parents locate resources for child 
  • Helping parents locate support resources for themselves

Meet Beth Gross, 

ICF Certified Life Coach, ACC

Elizabeth (Beth) Gross is an ICF Certified Life Coach, ACC, specializing in recovery.  Beth has a passion for helping parents with adolescent or young adult children who have an addiction or a mental health condition because of her own journey with a family member.   She graduated from the BALM Institute, an accredited online coaching school by the International Coaching Federation, and has achieved an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) designation.  She has facilitated NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) family classes.  She is also trained in motivational interviewing.  Beth holds a bachelor's degree in communications from DePauw University in Greencastle, IN.   

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